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Sir Kenelm Digby

Sir Kenelm Digby (1603 – 1665) “Father of Champagne” and the man who popularised the Grand Tour and clotted cream would have made headlines in any age sparking wonder and […]


It was such an honour to be invited by Oscar Award winner Tim Yip to be included in his remarkable film LOVE INFINITY now streaming on Mubi. It premiered at the National […]

Tyne in Vogue Scandinavia

The Chosen Ones Tyne O’Connell – The Matriarch “She’s held your head while you cried and smiled when you’ve conquered. Mother for those who couldn’t call blood home.” Vogue A family […]

The Impact of Trans Men on History

Revisionist historiography By Tyne O’Connell It is vital to highlight the LGBTQ Torchbearers of history before the truth is lost forever under the deluge of the Victorian revisionist historiography which […]