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Pulling Princes

If you love Malory Towers you will love St Augustine’s even more!

Tyne O’Connell is the Enid Blyton of our day with her boarding school tales of St Augustine’s, set right by Eton college & Windsor castle, & for a dash of royal glamour, there is the very real possibility that you might be rooming with a princess or better still pulling A Prince!

At St Augustine’s & nearby Eton College, attended by the Royal Princes, O’Connell gives teenagers everywhere the chance to experience the centuries old traditions of English Boarding Schools, with their midnight feasts, dorm raids & illicit trysts with boys along the bluebell pathways of ancient Puller’s Woods.

Best of all, readers get to experience this uniquely exclusive world of royals & privilege from someone whose lived it through her own & her three children’s boarding school adventures.

“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UK

“It is possible this is the most psychologically acute book about the royal wedding, even though it isn’t actually about the royal wedding” Tanya Gold, 08 Apr 2011 THE TELEGRAPH

“If you have ever wondered what really goes on behind the locked gates of the ancient British Boarding Schools, this series holds the key.”  @BookChitChat

“It is sure to have fans of O’Connell’s previous novels rolling on the floor laughing their royal crowns off.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, USA

“A Right Royal Read!” MAYFAIR TIMES UK

“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UK

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