November 15, 2017

CNN Style take on Tyne O’Connell

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“An eccentric is not trying to define themselves, they’re born seeking a different way,” explains Tyne O’Connell, and if anyone should know, it’s her. The Mayfair-based author and socialite seems to have been torn straight from the pages of an Evelyn Waugh novel; with her cut-glass accent, perma-fixed tiara and layers of pearls.
Despite recently being diagnosed with a brain tumour, O’Connell has continued to embrace the extraordinary.
“I just feel life is so brief and we should be celebrating and make the most of every moment, so we’re doing a disservice to ourselves by not wearing our finest, our Sunday best, every day,” she says. read more

December 2, 2017
london fashion week tyne o;connell

Tyne walks in London Fashion Week


Art is living outside the safety of the well-trod ancient pathways,

t’is the quest for the perfect ball-gown, the perfect word, the perfect arrangement of notes & harmonies, the perfect set-design, the perfect way to mix a cocktail and turn around when the moment least demands it, and the gramophone’s not been wound and say “I think we need a 17th Century Sedan Chair, darling…” read more

September 29, 2017
tyne and annette

Tyne On Tiaras

Tyne O’Connell is a Mayfair based author of 13 International bestselling novels. She often writes about lawyers, toffs, princes, Mayfair and Hollywood.

“Tyne is a triple threat. Not only is she a talented novelist and Mayfair Historian, but she is also impeccably elegant whilst she was recently awarded Eccentric Thinker of The Year by the Eccentrics Club (patron HRH Prince Philip),” says Annette Bette Kellow of the Huffington Post. read more

September 17, 2017
MIchaela Frankova and Tyne O'Connell SS2018 5

Tyne on Catwalk for Michaela Frankova

When Michaela Frankova asked Tyne O’Connell to close her catwalk show for her Spring Summer 2018 collection, opulence, drama and eccentricity ensued. Frankova’s wonderful designs with textures of lace and silk, beautifully cut and finished, allow the wearer to dress up… and to dress up is to ascend. read more

September 2, 2017
Mayfair Champagne glass

Tyne O’Connell Fashion Eccentric

Tyne is giddy with anticipation to be part of London Fashion Week where I will be walking the catwalk for Michaela Frankova as part of the Scout Spring Summer Schedule 18. The show is being held in Covent Garden the area built by Inigo Jones for Charles I and Henrietta Maria. CNN have been filming Tyne for a documentary on eccentrics which will be aired the same night. read more

July 5, 2017

Eccentrics – CNN Style filming in St James’s

Tyne O’Connell St James Hotel and Club with CNN Style filming Eccentrics – In this glamorous grand red brick hotel tucked behind the Ritz Hotel, my father once drank Martinis with Ian Fleming when Ian Fleming lived here typing his 007 James Bond mysteries. Back then it was a block of flats – now it is the reassuringly discreet and chic St James Hotel and Club with London’s best gin bar a mixture of comfort and splendour, where I once lost a 5ct diamond in a scene of such hilarity and terror it really should be featured in one of my books. read more

Tyne O’Connell – Ambassador of Knowledge

Tyne O’Connell on stage in bed in front of 2,000 conference attendees at the Academic Economic Congress 2017 where she is awarded the title of Knowledge Ambassador.

Eccentric Thinker of the Year

Tyne O’Connell awarded The Eccentrics Club’s (whose patron is HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh), “Most Eccentric Thinker of the Year” 2015. read more