Tyne on Catwalk for Michaela Frankova

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Tyne O’Connell Fashion Eccentric
September 2, 2017
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Tyne On Tiaras
September 29, 2017
MIchaela Frankova and Tyne O'Connell SS2018 5

When Michaela Frankova asked Tyne O’Connell to close her catwalk show for her Spring Summer 2018 collection, opulence, drama and eccentricity ensued. Frankova’s wonderful designs with textures of lace and silk, beautifully cut and finished, allow the wearer to dress up… and to dress up is to ascend.

Michaela Frankova fox trots her way back to London fashion week with her Spring Summer 2018 collection, inspired by old classic Hollywood glamour and cinema movie stars such as Lauren Bacall and Greta Garbo from the 1920’s to 1940’s. Following her collection Michaela has incorporated her signature style to this era adding graphics works from digital artist T-Mo Bauer adding a youthful and elegant approach to this glamourous range. Using a variety of fabrics in her collection including rich and luxurious silks, hand embroidered lace and scuba jersey which add a contemporary edge to these timeless classics.

WJ London’s review of Michaela Frankova’s SS2018 show said “…as the music reached a crescendo, Frankova’s ultimate Golden Age woman arrived on the catwalk, wearing a decadent evening dress in cornflower blue and silver shades. Shoeless and clutching a Venetian eye mask, she laughed and spun down the catwalk. And it was this that summed up Frankova’s collection perfectly; opulent and dramatic pieces that emphasise the individual, enigmatic character of anyone who wears them.” Katharine Bennett @misskatebennett