The Sex Was Great But…

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Holly Klein is an A-list celebrity with an army of assistants and lives in a gated palace on Mulholland Drive. But after “Her Voice” magazine declares the Makeover Show host the “shallowest woman in Hollywood” her best friend and producer, Nancy Catkin goes into image control overdrive.

Meanwhile on the other side of town Leo Monroe comes from an entirely different world; a smart-talking DJ he lives on…someone else’s sofa. But when Leo rescues Holly from a mugger, their two worlds collide, literally.

Holly’s producer comes up with a brilliant suggestion to rebuild Holly’s image and reward Leo: feature Leo on Holly’s hit makeover show. New image, new life—in just a few weeks!

Leo accepts the offer only so he can stay in Holly’s pool house close to her. Meanwhile, Holly is stunned to find she fancies him and he quickly becomes a secret habit she can’t seem to break.

Great sex is one thing, but could a Hollywood star and a busking Brit ever seriously work as a couple? Holly starts to question whether the meaning of life really is an Hermés Birkin or  invites to the hottest showbiz parties.

Holly Klein, the host of the celebrity makeover show MakeMeOver thinks she has big problems. She’s just been voted “Most Shallow Female Celebrity” in a glossy magazine’s reader poll and is fretting about the future of her career when her purse is snatched. Leo, out panhandling with a friend because he has nothing better to do, retrieves her bag but gets hurt in the process.

Holly invites him to her house to get him cleaned up, and when Nancy, the producer of her show, sees him, she gets a brilliant idea. Holly can do a makeover on Leo and have all Hollywood believing he’s a celebrity.

Leo agrees in order to be close to Holly, and it isn’t long before the two give in to their mutual attraction. But Holly refuses to be with Leo anywhere but in the privacy of her pool house, and the makeover show ultimately threatens to come between them.