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Review for Pulling Princes in the Mayfair Times

“Mayfair Author, Tyne O’Connell’s first teen novel is about an American girl who is packed off to an English boarding school and after a struggle for acceptance by the toffs finally “pulls” the fictional heir to the British Throne. 

Back in the real world Pulling Princes has been auctioned for a six-figure sum across the Atlantic, and Ms O’Connell knows why. “It’s about royalty so that’s the attraction. People say who is your PR? And I say “Wills and Harry.”
She added. “A lot of titled friends have read it and totally related to it. It’s sort of like Mallory Towers with vodka, mobile phones and brothers in boy bands.”
At her flat in Mount Street she has been pounding out the story on her laptop for another half dozen books, chronicling the adventures of the American heroine, Calypso, in the world of the “madly rich”. Ms O’Connell’s Teenage daughter, Cordelia, or “teen chick lit muse”, is at boarding school, so the author is confident of the book’s authenticity on such events as “pulling” – the teen term for kissing. Cordelia often has sleepovers because lots of her friends live in the countryside and they like to go shopping on Bond Street. So I do have raw materiel coming through the flat!”


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