Discovering Your Signature Champagne

Gentlemen Are Never Bad Form
Gentlemen Are Never Bad Form
July 26, 2014
Tyne O'Connell Dandizette
English Eccentrics – The Dandy & Dandizette
July 30, 2014

The Champagne you serve symbolises you in your purest form.

It’s a statement and not one to be made lightly. Think of champagne as your signature, it not only represents you but you represent your champagne. Initially choose a house you can commit to and then when as you hope your fortunes improve you can select your favourite vintage.

Purveyors of quality - the one and only Fortnum & Mason

Signature Chamgane purveyors of quality – the one and only Fortnum & Mason Tyne O’Connell

Remember when choosing that each glass of champagne you imbibe becomes part of the river that runs through your life. Champagne is how we commemorate hatches matches and dispaches (births marriages and deaths). We commemorate all our triumphs and drown the sorrows of our disappointments with our signature champagne. It will be with you through good times and bad and one day hopefully far in the future your friends and family will have to drink it at your wake so it is imperative that you choose your champagne with due solemnity and care.

The Champagne Salutation Party

For your first attempt at entertainment I recommend every Mayfair Cook has her own Champagne Salutation Party in which she solicits her closest friends to assist her in a blind tasting before formally announcing the champagne that will hitherto accompany her on her journey through life.

Tyne O'Connell outside the Connaught Hotel

Tyne O’Connell outside Champagne hotspot, The Connaught Hotel

Once chosen – for the love of the widow Clicquot – you must stick with your champagne through thick and thin. This is wildly important. If your signature champagne is Ruinart with it’s lovely full bodied flavour and a history traced back to 1729. Dom Ruinart was a close chum of Dom Perignon, you must vow never to lash out on a crate of Tattinger (albeit a fine house ) simply because your wine merchant is discounting it that month. A champagne is for life, not just a season.

Vacillations over your champagne reflect badly on your character and will baffle your family and long-haul friends. They may say nothing at the time, but privately they are bound to imagine you lack conviction. They may possibly even consider you untrustworthy. Far worse what will your biographer say? “She always drank Ruinart except when Mumm was on sale?”