Pulling Princes a Royal Christmas

Pulling Princes a Royal Christmas

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A classic school reunion tale amongst the posh in Windsor Castle home to Britons royals since the 12th Century. Secrets and lies and lashings of posh nookie set the scene for a right royal Christmas knees up.

American, Calypso, is in a helicopter on her way to Windsor Castle to attend a Christmas House Party with HRH – the Prince himself (Freds), the one time love of her life and her old school friends from St Augustines and Eton College. But what will she find once she gets there?

It’s been four and a half years since she last saw most of them after a major betrayal by her ex-best friend, Star, who stole Freds and Calypso had, up until now, cut herself off from them all.

At 23 and recently graduated from her Classics degree at Oxford, Calypso’s now in a dead end PR job while from what she can tell from their Facebook and Instagram profiles the rest of them are all success stories.

As the helicopter heads towards Windsor, flying over the familiar grounds of St Augustines and Eton College, Calypso reflects back on all that has happened in the ensuing years. The betrayals and the unlikely friendships she’s forged; amongst them her onetime frenenemy, The Not So Honourable, Honey O’Hare.

As the helicopter lands, Calypso braces herself with some yoga breathing, but nothing can prepare her for all the attendant madness that this Royal Christmas Party entails.

From winter croquet in the snow, fox-hunting with footmen, hijinx in The Tower and naughty valets in the battlements.

But the real challenges come in uncovering of the truth – of what really happened between Freds and her one-time best friend, Star.

And what is Honey really up to?