Eccentric Swan Of St James’s Park

The Guardian meets tyne O'Connell at the Wolselwy
The Guardian Meets Tyne O’Connell
December 8, 2016
tyne in st james's park bench
Tyne O’Connell takes a closer look at St James’s
July 5, 2017
tyne oconnell in st jamess park

Eccentric Swan Of St James’s Park London Makes A Bold Grab For Author’s Diamond

I took time out of filming with CNN Style on Eccentrics today to share a moment with my favourite swan Willomena who shares my love of Chaumet and diamonds. She took time to apprise herself of my diamonds over several minutes before making the bold attempt of nipping the diamond out of its Chaumet Tiara setting with the accuracy of a Hatton Garden jewel thief of old.

St James Park London was gifted to us by King Charles II in 1660 which was previously the hunting grounds attached to the palace. He had it designed when his cousin The Sun King was building the gardens of Versailles. The lakes, fountains and bridges are a lasting testament to the monarchs love of poultry of all persuasions, especially ducks. Ducks, like spaniels, followed him throughout the palaces of Whitehall and St James’s and through the streets of Mayfair as he oversaw construction of the area which Cromwell had used as his Killing Fields during his pogrom on Eccentrics, artists and lovers of beauty and pleasure.

The king’s lifetime love of ducks was reciprocated. The ducks adored him and like his spaniels slept outside his bedroom door at night.