Corsets and Girdles

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November 2, 2015
One night in Mayfair Tyne O'Connell
A Night in Mayfair
January 13, 2016

Beau Brummell wore a corset!

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Corsets and Girdles – Let the silhouette reign in Mayfair & St James’s – Corsetry for all I say!

A girdle is liberating. It strengthens posture and makes a woman stand tall and look a man in the eye – or through him should the need arise.

Girdles bolster confidence and define a silhouette and unlike heels you can run in them.

I am grateful to my Mummy – a strident feminist – for forcing me into a girdle when I was pregnant. “No need to sacrifice your figure or your back – no child will thank you for embarrassing them with poor posture !”

My darling Daddy wasn’t thrilled when he too was finally chivvied into his first man-girdle & bra in his seventies. But Mummy was not-for-Turning! Declaring “I can’t play tennis with you when your breasts are flapping all over the court. And poor Bob doesn’t want to be distracted by your breasts flopping about the cafe while he’s trying to enjoy his latte”
My father knew his fate was sealed as he was marched off to the corset store & fitted for his first girdle & bra at age 77.

To be fair he never moaned about his back again.

His tailor at Anderson & Shepherd comforted him with the words “If it’s good enough for Beau Brummell it’s good enough for you Sir.”

Corsets and Girdles for all I say! Let the #silhouette-reign once more in Mayfair & St James’s.