July 15, 2013

Gap Year For Grown Ups

Gap Year-ing For Grown Ups is what Mayfair Mothers do when all their children have left boarding school for Oxford and their husbands are all trained up. They are also the perfect way to celebrate becoming a grandmother – right after you’ve attended the baptism and before you become a menace to your daughter-in-law. read more

July 1, 2013
Tyne O'Connell at the Ritz in tiara with puppy

Death by Chanel

…Rouge Noir & expensive pots of beautifying cream

© Tyne O’Connell

The book is not going well. My Greek Chorus were right with their Cassandra prophesies. “We said as much,” they nag. But maybe they are write and my nice supportive Inner Gran is wrong? What if my blockbuster with film deal wrapped in is never written?

The bank were very unfriendly about the £8,000 bauble as they insist on referring to my ring and flabbergasted by the £700 shoes. I have been threatened with a CCJ which is not a Circus Carnival for Juveniles as you’d imagine but a nasty mark on your file that stains your good name and means no one will ever lend me money again. ‘You will be a blight on your children’s life!’ The Greek Chorus wail. read more

June 13, 2013

Developing a Signature Style

By Tyne O’Connell ©

Every girl must develop a signature style and yet for the most part our style is only developed for those “on stage” moments in life when we have an audience. But ultimately style is all about consistency so we need to shine a spotlight on our behind the curtain’s behaviour to truly develop a style that maintains both consistency and authenticity.  A style in short that will do our biographer proud. read more