Tyne O'Connell

May 15, 2014
Tyne O'Connell at the Ritz in tiara with puppy

Perfume: you’re never naked in Guilt or Regret

How do I design my own signature Perfume?

By Tyne O’Connell ©

A lady should be surrounded in mystery and perfume should be part of every girl’s charm. Perfume lingers on a man’s clothes and linen and therefore in his memory long after the girl has escaped his embrace.

There is even a word to define the memory of a smell: redolent. Which is why your scent must be unique and individual to you. Ensure you aren’t wearing a perfume another girl could conceivably purchase. Why not go to Paris to indulge in the dark arts of perfume alchemy at laboratories such as L’Artisan Parfumeur. Private workshops cost 370 Euros and seated at your private perfume organ the staff will guide you through the stages of creating your own fragrance while explaining the techniques and raw ingredients. read more

May 14, 2014
Tyne O'Connell outside the Wolseley

The Wolseley – My Local Cafe

The Wolseley on Piccadilly

By Tyne O’Connell ©

I’ve been bringing my family to The Wolseley since it first opened its doors & John the doorman ushered me in. I ordered my favourite dish; the steak tartare and it was so good I ordered another. I’ve been ordering it pretty much every couple of days these past ten years if I’m in London. read more

July 25, 2013
Travelling in Heels

Travelling in Heels

Girls In Angkor Wat

By Tyne O’Connell ©

My teenage daughter and I decided to go to Angkor Wat in the rainy season to avoid the nuisance of the pillaging coach hordes that afflict World Heritage sites in the modern age of travel. I’ve visited a good few world heritage sites in my time and I’ve learned from bitter experience just how easily beauty can be plundered by thousands of brightly dressed  foreigners with their state of the art cameras, attitude and fanny packs scrambling over ancient temples.

I like to travel elegantly, so we opted for the coach horde-less Raffles Grand D’Ankor built in the 1930’s and largely un-modernised. There is only one phone, one lattice worked wrought iron lift built for two and one man manning the desk. This is the only hotel that remained opened (under order) throughout the cruel rule of Pol Pot, so when the mood took him he could drop in and luxuriate in all he denied his people. There were no other guests during that time but the kitchens ran a full service to an empty restaurant in terrified anticipation that he and his thugs might turn up any time and order escargot. There are numerous luxury hotels to choose from in Siam Reap now but none with such charm. It really is a trip back to a gentler, pre-genocide time. The sturdy furniture, the Bakelite phone, the large solid brass room keys and uniformed staff are all so gloriously of another age. read more

July 15, 2013

The Floating Library, Laos

By ©Tyne O’Connell


As an author and outspoken proponent of ensuring all the worlds children have access to books I had long nurtured a dream to visit Laos.

While at my son’s wedding, I had heard of a local woman in Luang Prabang who had pioneered a project to take a library of books up and down the Mekong by boat to the children living in the remotest areas of Laos. As an author, a mother and once a child, I feel passionately that books are the key to making opportunities and dreams available to children. read more

July 15, 2013

Gap Year For Grown Ups

Gap Year-ing For Grown Ups is what Mayfair Mothers do when all their children have left boarding school for Oxford and their husbands are all trained up. They are also the perfect way to celebrate becoming a grandmother – right after you’ve attended the baptism and before you become a menace to your daughter-in-law. read more

July 1, 2013
Tyne O'Connell at the Ritz in tiara with puppy

Death by Chanel

…Rouge Noir & expensive pots of beautifying cream

© Tyne O’Connell

The book is not going well. My Greek Chorus were right with their Cassandra prophesies. “We said as much,” they nag. But maybe they are write and my nice supportive Inner Gran is wrong? What if my blockbuster with film deal wrapped in is never written?

The bank were very unfriendly about the £8,000 bauble as they insist on referring to my ring and flabbergasted by the £700 shoes. I have been threatened with a CCJ which is not a Circus Carnival for Juveniles as you’d imagine but a nasty mark on your file that stains your good name and means no one will ever lend me money again. ‘You will be a blight on your children’s life!’ The Greek Chorus wail. read more

June 17, 2013
The Mayfair Cook

The Mayfair Cook

The History of Mayfair Dining

By Tyne O’Connell ©

Even before Beau Brummell audaciously entertained the Prince Regent in his humble Chesterfield Street digs, Mayfair has been associated with a good time. 

Like most wonderful things about London it began in Restoration England when London was really swinging. King James II gave a parcel of land to be used for a 16 day May Fair to include entertainments such as were banned under Cromwell’s Puritan reign. read more

June 13, 2013

Developing a Signature Style

By Tyne O’Connell ©

Every girl must develop a signature style and yet for the most part our style is only developed for those “on stage” moments in life when we have an audience. But ultimately style is all about consistency so we need to shine a spotlight on our behind the curtain’s behaviour to truly develop a style that maintains both consistency and authenticity.  A style in short that will do our biographer proud. read more