Tyne O'Connell

July 23, 2016

5 Extraordinary Eccentrics

Upon the Restoration of King CharlesII when London was really swinging our national identity was formed by 5 Extraordinary, Glamorous, witty, Subversive women of vision who created a shopping Mecca of glass fronted arcades & residential mansions on garden squares; where drawing rooms teamed with eccentrics, sipping on tea & champagne discussing subversive ideas, Art & fashion putting Mayfair on the map as the birthplace of the British Enlightenment in 1667. read more

January 13, 2016
One night in Mayfair Tyne O'Connell

A Night in Mayfair

A Night in Mayfair with Tyne O’Connell

I’m out of hospital; rattling with pills, my veins ruined from ineptly inserted catheters. I snuck out as all the medics can do now is “monitor” me and my iPhone can do that.

I’m an infamous runaway-patient and expertly remove catheters as other mothers remove splinters.

My family have been conspiring in my hospital escapes since I first gave birth to my daughter in the bath, assuring all I wasn’t in labour at all. I just needed a “nice little soak.” read more

November 2, 2015

Corsets and Girdles

Beau Brummell wore a corset!

Corsets and Girdles – Let the silhouette reign in Mayfair & St James’s – Corsetry for all I say!

A girdle is liberating. It strengthens posture and makes a woman stand tall and look a man in the eye – or through him should the need arise.

Girdles bolster confidence and define a silhouette and unlike heels you can run in them. read more

November 2, 2015
pink spitfire eccentrics

RIP B. J. O’Connell

I salute you my darling Daddy B.J. O’Connell for your service in The RAF  and your daily unflinching flights in your Spitfire over Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Algeria, Palestine and Egypt during World War II and though you were awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross and St Georges Cross and the Malta St George Cross it is the selfless honourable man I was privileged to have as my father whom I think of and honour today and every day. read more

September 19, 2015
People Matter

People Matter

People matter & the houses & places & animals that matter to us live within us forever – they run through our blood & our souls.

Our ancestral homes are more than bricks & mortar & gardens & stables & woods; they are the atavistic thread that binds us to our history & in an instant tug us back to what has always mattered, even in those dark moments of the souls when we attempt to push what really matters away; the longing to return to our past stubbornly tugs at our heart. read more

September 19, 2015







“An accomplished writer, thinker, philosopher and dreamer, worshiping, just like the rest of us, the Eccentricity of Mayfair! Romantic, witty, funny and thorough when it comes to philosophy or nostalgic reminiscences of the glorious days and glamorous attires, good manners and classic flirt! The style of her narration and the logic of her reasoning are somewhat unique and representative of the great Mayfair eccentric thinker.” THE ECCENTRICS CLUB read more

September 10, 2015
Aphra Behn and Mayfair

The Birth of the Dandizette

The Dandizette Movement began as a sartorial Call To Charms, the Dandizette representing a celebration of the new rights and privileges afforded them after King Charles II – the first Catholic king since his father was beheaded by Cromwell – ushered in an age which celebrated style, beauty, theatre, art, literature and most importantly new opportunities and respect for women.

The Birth of the Dandizette

Women outnumbered men in London in the 1660’s and with the new laws permitting them to act on stage, and take up a professions such as literature philosophy, architecture and spying it was declared The Age Of Women.

Those most keen to take up their new opportunities flocked to the area of Mayfair and St James’s where King Charles II’s court was situated. The area of Mayfair and St James’s itself was designed and built by the first woman architect Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham and it is no coincidence that most of the streets and buildings of Mayfair and St James’s are named after women – famous Dandizettes of the Restoration. read more

August 6, 2015
Tyne O'Connell at work in her library in Mayfair

When The Dark Nights Of The Soul Close In

When the Dark-Nights-Of-The-Soul close in & possibilities & hope evaporate & the pain takes over, I grapple for memories like this to sustain me. If only the Great Men of Science could feed me this soul-nourishment through my IV-Drip along with the morphine. For while there are books to read, hens to delight in, tea to sip & family & friends to cherish, despair has no dominion. read more

January 4, 2015

Countess Ada Lovelace


by Tyne O’Connell

Countess Augusta “Ada” Lovelace, nee Byron was the only child of the marriage between the poet Lord Byron and Annabella Milbanke, a lady of great mathematical ability whom Byron called his Princess of Parallelograms.

Ada was Lord Byron’s the only legitimate child, is one of the most celebrated Dandizette’s of the Victorian period. Describing herself as a “Poetical Scientist” in deference to her father she is credited with being the first computer programmer and the Prophet of the Computer Age. Her algorithm for Babbage’s Analytical Engine is recognised as the world’s first computer program. Babbage called her “The Enchantress of Numbers.” read more